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Gyeongpo Summer Sea Festival

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Gyeongpo Summer Sea Festival


The summer sea art festival was held in 1992 in Gyeongpo, the beach volleyball tournament on Jumunjin beach,

and residents' singing to celebrate the local culture and arts.
Since 1995, it has become an opportunity to promote local culture at summer beaches and provide stage activities

for artists to develop the culture and arts of Gangneung.

▣ Period: Every year from late July to early August

▣ Location: Gyeongpo Beach and Gangneung City
▣ Organized by: Gangneung-si / gangneung yechong
▣ Inquiries: Arts, Culture and Arts 82-33-640-5116 ~ 7
▣ Homepage:
▣ Main Events: Gangneung International Youth Art Festival, Folk & Rock Concert, International Rock Festival, Gyeongpo Summer Festival, Black Eagles Sea Air Show, Gyeongpo Beach Song Festival, Gyeongpo Beach Gwanak Parade

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