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Gyosan Heogyun Culture Festival

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Gyosan Heogyun Culture Festival

Gangneung is a city of Munseok and Yeocheon which has been emanating great goodwill with excellent cultural heritage that has come down from ancient times. According to the old literature, there is also a record that the sound of reading is not unsteady when entering Gangneung highland. In the tradition and history, there is Gyosan Heogyun which is a great man of Gangneung. In the first Korean novel, Hong Gil-jeon, which reformed the contradictions of society and sought the ideal, Kyosan Sot-gyun suggests many things to us living today, and it is up to each of us to revive their will and the spirit of literature today. can do. The Gyosan Heogyun Culture Festival' is a memorial ceremony for Mt. A white paper. It is composed of various events such as a solace concert, a market song, and a display of Hong Gil dong's related materials, and has attracted many citizens and tourists. Through this, we have established a new opportunity to renew our understanding of the Mt. Gyosan Heogyun, and we will proudly position ourselves as one of the best places in Gangneung.

▣ Period: Every September
▣ Location: gangneung-si nanseolheon-ro193beongil 1-16 (chodangdong)
▣ Venue:Heogyun heonanseolheon Memorial Park
▣ Organizer / Host:  gangleung-si/(sa)gyosan·nanseolheon seonyanghoe
▣ Inquiries: 82-70-8802-9009
▣ Homepage:

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