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gneung Jeongdongjin, Hourglass Park

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It is located about 18 km south of Gangneung city along the east coast. It was named after the town of Hwanghwamun in Hanyang, a town with a rookery on the side of Jungdong. It is revealed that the latitude is on the Jungdong side of Dobongsan in Dobong-gu, Seoul. Since the time of Silla, wages have been sacrificed to the King of the Dead Sea, and it is also the nation's best sunrise spot that celebrated the Millennium Sunrise Festival in 2000 as a nationally designated event.

Hourglass Park

You can also watch the world's largest hourglass at the hourglass park, where you can feel the exotic atmosphere in the backdrop of the cool sea landscape.
It is a spectacular sight to watch the hourglass revolving with the sunrise on the first day of each year.

■ Location: gangneung-si gangdong-myeon heonhwa-ro 990-1 (jeongdongjinli)
■ Inquiry: Hourglass information center 82-33-640-4536

Gangneung Tourist Hotel 62, Geumseong-ro, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea
Zip code:25539  
/ Tel:+82 33 648 7750   /  FAX:+82 33 648 7752

TEL : +82 33 648 7750  FAX : +82 33 648 7752

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