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Kangnung Solhyang Arboretum

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Kangnung Solhyang Arboretum

The Kangnung Solaeang Arboretum opened on October 30, 2013 at the 135th street in Gujeongri, Gujeong-myeon, Gangneung-si.
We are proud of the nature of the natural forest as we have cultivated the pine tree which is the representative species of our region.

The Solwiang Arboretum has a total of 23 different themes on its site at 78.5 ha. From the entrance, you can get to the water, the flower scent, the brush scent, and the forest ecological observations that make up the community of ginger and quarry trees. You can enjoy a thousand years of healing with a thousand years of healing, a pine forest with pine trees, The exhibition center is equipped with a variety of exhibitions such as Vivicuwon, Wonchulyuan, Medicinal Botanical Garden and Dye Botanical Garden.

■ Location: gangneung-si gujeong-myeon gujeong jungang-ro 92-177 (gujeongli)
■ Inquiries: 82-33-660-2320 ~ 2323
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