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Gangneung Unification Park

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Gangneung Unification Park

The Tongil Park consists of a 1,004㎡ unification security exhibition hall located at 138,600㎡, overlooking the sea, and a pavilion exhibition hall installed in a space of about 13,000㎡.
It opened on September 26, 2001, and will display an additional army tank and field artillery at the outdoor exhibition area in the future. It will show the first 3 military equipments together in Korea and link up with Jungdongjin sunrise tourist spot to promote local economy.
The Tongil Park is expected to become a popular spot for leisure tourism, with its clean sea of ​​the East Sea, its spectacular scenery along the coast, sunrises, and its role as a reunification and security education center.
In the nearby area, there is a security trail and paragliding site where you can enjoy the mountain climbing with the view of the East Sea, along with Jungdongjin, the famous sunrise spot. Nearby is the best beach on the east coast where you can drive with the rough waves of the East Sea, There is a driveway which is a driveway.
In addition, there are abundant tourism resources such as tourist attractions, tandem tall village management resort, sculpture park, Yuljeon, Anin, Seomyeon, Jungdongjin beach.

■ Unification Security Exhibition Hall
The Unification Security Exhibition Hall is a 1,004-meter-sized exhibition hall with an area of 138,600m2 and a pavilion of 138,600m2. It is a museum exhibiting the history of Confucianism, 6:25, magic vision, infiltration equipment exhibition, discrete family search, change of unification environment, And other exhibition facilities.

● Facilities
- Area 138,600㎡, Building area 1,004㎡
- Facilities: outdoor performance area 2,400㎡, parking lot 9,000㎡
- Exhibits: Video Hall, Magic Vision, Touch Screen, 150 Weapons, Mt. Geumgang Model,
- Outdoor exhibition area: 8 points including army tanks, armored vehicles, 1 air force air show

■ Trap Exhibition Hall
The Naval Exhibition Hall built the site by landing the ocean, and the North Korean submarine and naval voyage vessel (4,000 ton) was the first in the country to be stationed on the land.

The outdoor exhibition hall of the Gangneung Tragedy Hall is an alive experience space for marine culture and security culture for young people and the general public. It consists of a tragedy trap and a North Korean submarine exhibition hall.

Following the display of the North Korean submarine exhibited at the site in May 1998, the Navy was free to rent the ship in Gangneung in order to recycle it into the National Security Culture Cultural Education Center. As a result of this exhibition, .

● Exhibition Hall History
- May 29, 1998: North Korean submarine transfer place
- Feb. 8, 1999: Gangneung City, Ministry of National Defense and Navy Headquarters
- 1999.10. 25: Vessels delivering a voyage from Jinhae
- 1999.11. 1: Gangneung city officials attended, safety initiative held
- 2000. 2.: Design of the number of retrenchment traps, remodeling and exhibition facilities
- September 26, 2001: Opened Gangneung Unification Park

● Exhibition Facilities
- Trap Exhibition Hall
It is a cultural space where naval culture and marine culture can be experienced.

Vessel Trap Jeonbuk Ham has been carrying out world peace preservation activities in World War II and Vietnam War with a destroyer that was launched in the United States in 1945. It retired honorably in 1999 after protecting Korea's territorial waters since 1972,

On May 20, 2000, two marine cranes (one 1800 ton and one 1500 ton) were used to complete the installation at the present site and reestablished in 2001 as a trap facility.

- North Korea Submarine Exhibition Hall
In September 1996, the North Korean submarine was salvaged by the Navy and exhibited at the infiltration site by shark-type diving, which was carried out on the east coast by burning 25 armed spies and causing discovery and anger to the whole people

● Facilities
- Lot 13,000㎡, Parking lot 4,300㎡
- North Korean submarine (shark class: small): total length 34m, width 3.8m, displacement 325M / T, boarding personnel 25-30 persons
- DD-916 (Jeonbuk Dam: built in 1944): Main deck height 27.4m, Fully loaded ton 3,471M / T

■ Trap Exhibition Hall Specialty Store
It is designed to provide tourists visiting Tongil Park with a chance to get in touch with local products, increase the income by selling the products of the special product manufacturers, and activate the SMEs.

There are currently about 250 items sold in 29 companies. You can see not only the works won in the souvenir competition, but also various works that apply the dried fish of East Sea, Shin Cham-do, and Chichung Island.
There are abundant tourism resources such as Jeon, Anin, Seomyeon, Jungdongjin beach.

■ Location: gangneung-si gangdong-myeon yulgog-lo 1715-38 (aninjinli)

■ Inquiries: Unification Security Exhibition Hall 82-33-640-4469, Trap Exhibition Hall 82-33-640-4470​

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