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Odaesan National Park

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Odaesan National Park (sogeum River)
  The Baekdudaegan is a powerful momentum that goes from Mt. Geumgang and Mt. Seorak to Daegwanryeong, Taebaeksan and Sobaeksan, before Baekdudaegan crosses Daegwangyeong. This is the Chihwal Mountain Range, which ends at Chungju Mountain, which runs through Chichak Mountain and runs north to Chungcheongnam-do through the western coast of Daecheon.

Odaesan is the mountain where towering Baekdudaegan goes to the Goryeong mountain range.
Mt. Odae has been one of the most famous mountain in Korea, along with Mt. Shinshin (Mt. Geumgang, Jirisan, and Mt. Hallas). It has been known for over 1,360 years since Matsuo Bodhisattva had lived with his 10,000 households since the early days of the Silla Dynasty Dynasty.
On the top of Mt. Oda, five peaks including Dongdae Mountain (1,434m), Durobong (1,422m), Sangwangbong (1,491m) and Horyeongbong (1,561m) lined up like a folding screen, and Rohinbong 1,338m) Below is the superb salt river of the world.

Originally, Odaesan is a nickname for Cheongryangsan in Shanxi province, China. When he came back home and pilgrimed the whole country, he saw the mountain in the middle of Baekdudaegan and said that he called this mountain "Odaesan" very much like China's Odaesan.
On the first day of February 1975, Mount Oda was designated as a national park, covering an area of ​​303.929 square kilometers. It is located in three provinces including Gangneung, Gangneung, Hongcheon and Pyeongchang.
This mountain, which is visited by a million visitors a year, shows the magnificent view of the foliage forest at the entrance of Woljeongsa Temple, the mountainous forests with dense fir trees all over the mountain, and the gentle curve of the ridge that connects the peaks like a folding screen, .
In addition, the Sokgang River, which stretches to the east with the Sungbok River, is called the Sanggang River because it looks like Mt. Kumgang, and it is also called Cheongjae Mountain because it has shaped the wings of the school.

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